Friday, April 28, 2006

Air Midwest Case Study

This is the case study that Stuart sent around earlier, with a business writing curriculum project tied to it. I've developed a six week Internet course around this (in two tracks, one for the case study and a complemntary track for other traditional W232 issues). Click here if you'd like to see details of the course. I'll let you all know after Summer 1 what the students thought of this approach.

Tentative '06-'07 Discussion Topics

  • Sept. - Assessment (report from Stevens Amidon)
  • Oct. - Assessment II (possible guest speaker)
  • Nov. - Visual communication in professional writing
  • Dec. - Trip reports (ABC, CPTSC, other); book reviews; journal articles to share
  • Jan. - Ethics in professional writing
  • Feb. - Breeze software demonstration (Worth Weller)
  • Mar. - Collaboratory technologies demonstration ( in ET 351)(Voland, Griggs, & Cooper)
  • April - Tour of English & Linguistics Dept. Web site and Discussion of professional writing blog

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of this blog is to provide a virtual, non-intrusive meeting space for the Professional Writing community at IPFW.

The initial goal is to foster peer to peer communication about professional writing topics. Additional goals may develop as Task Force input evolves.

Participants in IPFW’s Professional Writing Task Force may post to this blog in one of two easy ways:

  1. Comments may be made to existing posts
  2. Or, original posts may be made by sending a request to for an electronic “invitation” to join the blog as a “Team Member.”